We are a stakepool operator of Cardano Project. We are focused to give our little contribution to decentralize Cardano and to make Blockchain strong and secure.

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Why Should I made a stake with Fidelio?

We only would take 340 ₳ of the earned stake for the pool operations and a variable fee of 3% (conducted and given to the operator to cover pool and operating costs). The rest of ADA earned is shared with the others delegators!

Our Infrastructure

Security Measures

Firewall UFW - SSH Keys Auth

Our Servers

12 CPUs/server AMD - NVMe SSD 480GB - Intensive applications.


VPNs and Private Networking.

Made with Passion

Our stakepool operators are tech passioned

Delegation takes via Daedalus or Yoroi Wallets

The better way to support us is delegation via Daedalus or Yoroi wallets. When Fidelio generates a block, an automatic blockchain reward is paid to the pool. The 97% of this reward is distributed to ours delegators by Blockchain itself. Blockchain give to us 3% fee in order to mantain Servers and infrastructure.

Get that 97% of ADA Rewards !!

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Support our Pool

The best way to support Fidelio is delegation via Daedalus/Yoroi wallets. Your Ada never leaves your wallet! In addition we also accept donations to make Fidelio greater and to garantee descentralization of Cardano! Donations will be only destinated to improve Hardware performances of our Little Pool. Thank you!!

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Contact us!

Having trouble with Stakes? Check out Cardano Documentation or contact us. Send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

fidelio.stakepool (skype)